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Coronavirus and Your Finances, Should You Worry?

Mar 11th, 2020 • Peter Dunn

As you’ve likely noticed over the last few days, the financial markets and the global economy at large have been rocked by the fears and realities of the Coronavirus becoming a global pandemic. This situation is not only frightening because of the health and safety of citizens around the globe, including ourselves and our families, but because a great deal of financial anxiety may begin to set-in as you start to look at your investment account statements. 

How much should you worry? While it’s not a simple question to answer, I would recommend ‘enough’. You need to worry enough to cover financial needs. You need to worry enough to keep yourself and vulnerable friends and family safe. You need to worry enough to cover your financial future. The problem? Most people don’t know what ‘enough’ is for their situation. This is where Hey Money comes in.

Once you’ve signed up for your subscription you’ll have unlimited access to your financial expert. You can talk through your fears, your expert can help you create a plan, and then you can rest assured that you’ve done the right thing for your situation.

Your financial life shouldn’t be a guessing game. Your financial life really shouldn’t be a guessing game when a recession may be around the corner. You’re the only person who will take this step for your financial life. Unfortunately, there is no natural part of being an adult that will solve your financial anxiety or confusion. You have to take a step forward to get the help you need.

The Hey Money expert teams is filled with Certified Financial Planners® and Accredited Financial Counselors® who are standing by to learn about your current financial situation and how they can help you find the peace of mind you are looking for. But what does it matter what I say? Here is feedback directly from people who’ve talked to our expert team in just the last week or so:

Kristen was GREAT! My wife and I couldn’t have been treated any better and made to feel more comfortable about the whole process. We we’re a little worried about the experience and how it would go but Kristen was excellent with everything and walking us through the process. My wife and I are excited to get started on the plan and our next phone meeting with Kristen!

We clicked with Gayle immediately. She knew what to ask and when, and really listened to our questions and concerns . I am very very pleased and beyond satisfied with my first call – better than I expected and I had high expectations

Great experience. I feel like we are formulating an excellent plan for my Family’s future. Thank you.

Love the app. I’ve been raving about it to friends and family—whoever will listen. My expert is amazing. So helpful so far. I can’t believe this is only $20/month.

I want you to feel this way. To feel so confident and calm with some of life’s biggest decisions during a trying time in our country. Take the leap today.

To sign up for your subscription, go here!

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