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Day 13: Recession-Proof Your Finances

Mar 29th, 2020 • Jasmin Snyder

Today we’re talking relationships and money. Yeah, it’s a big one.

How to Have a Money Conversation with Your Partner

The best money and relationship advice you’ll ever hear is DO NOT SPRING A MONEY CONVERSATION ON YOUR PARTNER. We could end this post here, but we’ll go further. You need to specifically set a time in advance to have a money convo with your spouse. As in, “Hey Bob, I’d like to discuss our finances on say Tuesday night at 7:30 pm, does that work for you?” Is it weird and formal? Yes. Will it allow your partner time to get into the right mindset for the conversation? Also, yes. Tension and anxiety are high right now, without planning carefully your simple money conversation could end in a fight before you get through it. It’s also worth mentioning that Hey Money is a great resource for these types of conversation. Hey Money subscriptions are per-household so you and your partner can get on a call with one of our experts and use them to guide your conversation. This is perfect if you’re having trouble getting your partner on board with a goal. Our experts play mediator… a lot. To get 10% off your monthly subscription use the code ‘cheese’ at checkout.

I don’t like to leave out my single folks or those who aren’t currently sharing finances with anyone. It’s times like these where we are all seeking connections and there is no greater time to get a financial accountability buddy. It could be a simple monthly call where you check in with each other’s goals and progress. If you don’t have someone you feel comfortable doing this with, use Hey Money. It’s an extremely affordable service that allows you the accountability you are seeking.

So what’s the plan for this conversation? Here are some great questions you can start asking your partner:

  • Is there something I do that stresses you out financially?
  • What is my most annoying financial habit?
  • What am I good at in regards to money?
  • Do you worry about money?
  • Do you think our financial life was in a better spot 12 months ago?
  • Do you think we will be in a better spot 12 months from now?
  • If we could eliminate one expense what would it be?
  • Can I answer the same questions about you?

Oof. That last one’s the kicker. The only thing that makes that last question work is if you sit quietly and “take the note” as they say during the first 7 questions. If you defend yourself or start blaming them you’ll never even get to the last question. Model the type of reaction you want to see from your partner first.

Good luck! If you want to read further about having money conversations with your spouse, check out this blog post.

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