Divorced, Over 50, and Ready for My Dream Career

Jul 20th, 2020 • Gayle E.
The following is a real question sent by a reader and is answered by one of our Hey Money experts! After 25 years as a devoted wife, my husband decided that he wanted a divorce. That’s his prerogative. I ‘retired’ as a lawyer when our only child was born. I became a personal trainer, health … more »
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A Case for Minimalism

Feb 11th, 2020 • Gayle E.
How Much Stuff Do We Really Need? Simple answer, not much. We as human beings don’t need much to survive: water, food, shelter and love. We don’t really fancy cars and huge homes, boats and electronics, designer clothes and watches and we certainly don’t need most of the items we acquire. So, if we don’t need … more »
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