Day 5: Recession-Proof Your Finances

Mar 20th, 2020 • Jasmin Snyder
Head spinning? Don’t know what day it is? You aren’t alone, we are all in a similar headspace right now. Take a break and catch up on Day 5 with Pete here: Your Life is Currently a Story Problem Feeling like you can’t make heads or tails of your situation? That’s what this program is … more »
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Day 4: Recession-Proof Your Finances

Mar 19th, 2020 • Jasmin Snyder
Today we are diving into credit reports. Seem like a weird time to talk credit reports? It’s really not, here’s why: Why your credit score doesn’t really matter. What is a credit score? It’s a rating of how good you are at borrowing money. That’s it. Does it help you buy a house? Yes. Get … more »
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Day 3: Recession-Proof Your Finances

Mar 18th, 2020 • Jasmin Snyder
In today’s live stream, Pete covers two concepts: identifying the thin line between personal responsibility/asking for help and how to stop nickel and diming yourself. Catch up here: Tricky balancing act Where does the line between taking personal responsibility end and the need to ask for help begin? There is no clear and fast rule … more »
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Day 2: Recession-Proof Your Finances

Mar 17th, 2020 • Jasmin Snyder
Day 2, done! In today’s session Pete covered two big tasks: A stability quiz How to find YOUR advantage Check out the video here: How stable is your financial life? Take the quiz below and score yourself per category. Key below! Debt How much credit card debt do you have? None (0 points) Less than … more »
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