Should I Pay Off Debt or Save for a Downpayment?

Nov 29th, 2021 • Damian Dunn
I recently sold my house. Not to get out of debt but because the neighborhood is running down. The house sold so fast I didn’t have to advertise! I’ll be living in an apartment until I figure out if I want to build or buy my next place.  I have 20,000.00 in credit card debt … more »
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Don’t Sell Your Home

Sep 28th, 2021 • Kristen A.
Last week my husband and I were outside working on our home’s curb appeal. We’ll be listing the house for sale soon as we have plans to move this fall. A neighbor came across the street and asked how things were going. After a bit of small talk I mentioned that we would be listing … more »
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Take Advantage of Low Interest Rates Now!

Jun 29th, 2021 • Lisa W.
From the “Silver Linings” file cabinet, you have undoubtedly noticed that interest rates have remained low. For savers, this is not good news but if you have outstanding debt, steady income and a strong credit score, this may still be a very opportune time to consider if you can reduce the cost of what you … more »
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PMI Dragging You Down? Here’s How to Get Rid of it Early.

May 18th, 2021 • Lisa W.
If you recently purchased your home with less than a 20% down payment, it is fairly certain that part of your monthly payment includes private mortgage insurance (PMI). Private lenders (i.e. not FHA or VA) add PMI to your monthly payment to protect themselves against the risk that you will be unable to pay and … more »
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