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Your money life is unique to you. Remember that time you borrowed money from your parents? Or the time you loaned money to your parents? Or that credit card you got in college for a free t-shirt that somehow turned into a $10,000 burden? Or that weird inheritance situation with your step-grandma Carol? Or, well, the list goes on. You’re UNIQUE and so is your financial life. Financial confidence comes when you know you’re making the right decision for your exact situation, all quirks considered. You need an unbiased financial friend to listen to your story and help you determine the next right step.

This is Hey Money.

Peter Dunn

Founder & CEO

Pete’s journey in finance started with daytrading in his college dorm room and has transitioned to him caring much more about making tomorrow easier for as many Americans as possible. He is the founder of a confusing number of businesses and on any given day you can find him writing under his alter-ego Pete the Planner®.

Jasmin Snyder

Vice President of Marketing & Operations

Jasmin has been Pete’s right-hand woman for 6.5 years and counting. From executing the launches of Pete’s confusing number of businesses to the everyday management of the unbelievable teams behind them, Jasmin’s daily work life varies wildly from day-to-day and that’s just how she likes it.

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